The technology


The technology of our transport eBikes

Dynamical riding with 200 kg – no problem. With our patented axle, you move like on a conventional eBike. The load behind you does not become a heavy driving load.

The frame:

The frame is made in Europe and, with its flexible vertical axis, is one of the most modern on the market. Color and dimensions of the transport unit are manufactured according to customer wishes.


With us you can choose: Front or rear wheel drive – or even all-wheel drive?Our batteries have a 30% longer service life compared to conventional systems and can be upgraded to up to 10 units.

The changing systems

Family: transport unit for two children with belts. Dog: Transport unit with access flap for the dog. Cargo: length / width / height: 1600 / 600-1000 / 1600. Lockable transport box for tools and small devices as well as packages. Heat & Cool: Length / Width / Height: 800/600/800 Lockable transport box for transporting cooled / warm items. Ideal for pharmacies and delivery services. Heavy duty: length / width / height: 1200/1000 / open For transporting goods up to 500 kg in Euro pallet format. Farmer / Hunter: In development. Flexy bike: length / width / height: 800/600/800. An articulated axle reduces the width to 300mm – the width of a conventional bicycle.

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