The idea

Our idea for the Transport-eBike

To the kindergarten in the morning, then out with the dog and shopping on the way back – no problem: 

With the Schacht Multiliner© you have all requirements under control by using the flexible changing systems. You can change transport systems quickly and conveniently from children to dogs – from dog to cargo with a lockable (refrigerated) transport box.As a delivery service or Craftsmen you master the search for parking space and the transport of – loads (up to 200kg),- small appliances (ladders, scoops etc.) and – chilled/heated goods.

The Schacht Multiliner© is the transport solution for the last mile.


First ideas – how it all began

1926 Foundation as a machine tool factory.

The WILLY SCHACHT company benefits from over 75 years of experience as a service company for post-print service.

Since then, WILLY SCHACHT has become one of the largest independent industrial and publishing bookbinderies in Germany. Open-minded for new developments and technical innovations, our company has permanently and consistently developed itself to fulfill the customers’ needs.

Key to customer loyalty is quality! This is what we have been committed to for more than 75 years and this is what we are constantly developing further to ensure future growth and employment.

We have always been concerned with ecological issues. At some point, we also thought about transport within the company by bicycle. This eventually became Schacht IMotion GmbH.

We benefit from our know-how of machines and processes in industrial-scale production.

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